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Reporter: Furniture design is a closely linked with the fashion industry, what is your definition of fashion?
Jongeo Shero: furniture design point of view, I think fashion is a forward-looking and guide the future lifestyle, which vary with different geographical, time, and cultural factors. Restaurant design, the understanding and use of fashion is an important means to increase space for value-added. Meet the basic functions of the premise, fashion is a form of innovation or organic elements into the space structure and morphology, as well as soft-mounted display, and then the emotional needs of people.
It is worth noting, now fashion the frequency of updates soon, only the pursuit of formal variation, only a brief attract the eye, we can see many of the so-called “novel” and “fashion” element is not popular has been the fashion replaced, so I think designers need to slow down, calm down, dig fashion by carrying the restaurant furniture cultural connotations, remove exaggerated return to human, so as to ensure its vitality in the space.

Restaurant Furniture
Restaurant Furniture
Reporter: like retro fashion industry, Chinese restaurant furniture sector has also whipped up a national air, do you think this trend in office space in 2012 will be what kind of development?
Jongeo Shero: the so-called retro, in fact, is a respected and nostalgia of traditional classical culture, present only in history many times, the fashion industry, the construction industry is the main carrier and platform. In my opinion, than in the past, pure retro style has been a relative weakening of the change to take creative approaches to the interpretation of modern national wind began to quietly furniture design rising, the use of new materials and technology, fashion elements with the traditional mix and match to make space in the basis to meet the modern lifestyle, full of new humanistic spirit. Compared to hotels, clubs, residential space, modern office space tends to be more emphasis on simple, efficient, comfortable, environmentally friendly design concepts; Of course, this does not mean that the office space to the abandonment of traditional culture, and now the style of office space being diversified, personalized love classical, but also the pursuit of restaurant design avant-garde, by the definition of style aesthetic, but also reflects the different enterprises and internal interpretation of and positioning of the cultural and core values, we should be inclusive and would like to see the difference of coexistence.
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